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Exclusive graphic design and illustration exhibition to be held at UCA


University to hold exclusive exhibition for graphic designers and illustrators.
Nuz Nasir reports.

Former graphic design students from the University for the Creative Arts are holding an exhibition to encourage young designers to display their work to industry professionals.

The event takes place at the university, with the hope that the current students’ illustrations and designs will be recognised.

Professionals from different areas within the industry will attend the four-day-event, which opens its doors on the 18 July to 21 July 2013. The event will be hosting a number of shows, which includes a competition that will be held on the last two days of the event. The winner of the competition will have an opportunity to work within ‘WOW’ toys creative design team.

Managing Director Nadim Ednan-Laperouse of ‘WOW’ toys, was impressed by the work of students at a preview evening, that took place at the university.

“Brilliant, no word can describe it, I mean the talent you see is amazing, these students are what…in their teens or twenties and their work is on par with professional GDs (graphic designers). Maybe they can teach me a few things, I cannot wait to work with the winner, and it will be a great insight for them to see how the industry works.”

The event took time in order to gather industry professionals in one place at the same time. There were obstacles in the way but organiser Vince Lee managed to pull through at the end: “There were a few minor set-backs but we managed to pull through. It is about getting everyone together at the same time, which was quite difficult. We didn’t know where to hold the exhibition, then I managed to get in touch with the university and they said it was perfectly fine to do it here. It was perfect anyway because the students have their work here.

Vince Lee plans on making the exhibition a yearly one, and he hopes that the networking will help students

“We decided to organise the event to help students get in direct contact with industry professionals. I remember when I was in my third year, I wished someone had put this sort of exhibition up to help me. You can get a fantastic feedback and it is a stepping stone for these students in case their work is liked and someone offers them a job or something.”

Second year student, Simon Rayfield is looking forward to the exhibition, he hopes that he is able to impress a graphic designer with his work: “I am glad that someone has decided to put together such an exhibition and it really encourages you, as a student. You get a chance to speak to industry professionals about how they started off when they graduated and what things you should avoid doing as a graphic designer. It really does motivate you.”

The university will work together with Vince Lee, to make sure that the exhibition is yearly; and to help the students get in to the industry and give them all the support they need. ‘WOW’ has set up a scheme with UCA to help graduates, first and second years with internships.

Where: University for the Creative Arts, London
Price: Free
Date: 18 November –  21 November 2013


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