The Secret Theatre presents their hidden debut

The Secret Theatre has arrived in London and will keep its audience guessing until the curtain rises. 
Yasmine Permaul reports. 


A very secretive cast – Andrew Keelaghan, Gary Reimer, Richard Crawford, Nico Kaufman, Samantha Smith

A theatrical adaptation of a Quentin Tarantino film – just which one is under wraps – will feature in the Secret Theatre’s new seasonal production.

Fresh from the stages of New York and LA, the Secret Theatre presents London with a new form of mysterious entertainment, available only to those in the know. The theatregoers daring enough to buy a ticket are given clues up to the very last minute on the play’s title, location and dress code.

The upcoming production is the Secret Theatre’s first in the UK, but events director James Nesbitt has no doubt it will have the same success here, as it did in the US: “I’ve seen the rehearsals and I think it will be the best one yet.”

James Nesbitt: "It's pretty exciting and nerve wracking at the same time."

James Nesbitt: “It’s pretty exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.”

Artistic director Richard Crawford wants to create an immersive experience where audiences can take part but keep hush-hush even after they leave the stalls. He said: “We want to start a universal revolution where people come to theatrical performances for the love of the art.” Mr Nesbitt added: “All we are doing is presenting an ancient art form in different way.”

The non-profit organisation is striving for the UK debut to meet expectations and successfully raise money for its chosen charities. Mr Nesbitt said: “We are just concentrating on making this the best production yet and being in England helps a lot. Richard’s Scottish and I’m a Yorkshire man so just having people understand what we’re saying is a sheer delight.”

What: A secret
Where: Another secret
Price: £18
Date: 6th-30th November

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