Underground film festival open its doors in London and Porto

The west-end cinemas may be full, but underground cinema film makers still have their place in London and Porto this November.
Penny Paschali reports.

A twin-center festival that gives an outlet to independent filmmakers opens later this month, in London and Portugal.

Formerly known as Porto and London festival, Cine – Rebis, is an independent film festival celebrates the underground, experimental and outsider works of cinema. The artists that take part are asked to submit films of all types that are original and creative.

Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais, the organisers and filmmakers from Portugal, said: “What we celebrate are films and artists who are not driven by the desire for fame and fortune but create honest and explorative works of art, that use cinema to investigate the world around them or their own lives, their dreams, fears and desires.”

The organizers made their selection out of 900 submissions and 100 that they’ve tracked down on recommendation and own research, to end up with 40 films as their final selection that shocked, surprised or inspired them in any way.

Their selection for this year is emerging a loose topic around subjects as rituals, magic, spirituality, the body, healing, therapy and transformation. The selection includes feature length documentaries, short films that range from experimental to portraits, home movies and animations.

The highlight of the festival according to the coordinators comes  on Saturday evening with Kelly Hughes, American filmmaker, presenting “La cage aux zombies: Director’s cut” on world premiere and Heart Attack! “The Pulse Pounding Cinema of Kelly Hughes”, a documentary about his TV series “Heart Attack Theatre”, which the organisers described as “a wonderfully vile and trashy concoction of cinematic spectacle in the form of soap opera unlike any other.”

The coordinators aim to get more screenings around the world for the filmmakers, as cinemas have been taken over by chains, leaving no place for independent artists. Part of the festival still takes place in Porto, as it used to, by its previous coordinator in the end of November.

The festival is going to take place at Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury on the 10 to 17 November and in Porto, Portugal in 29 November to 1 December.



“There is no room for clichés and dishonesty”

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